Golden Retriever Rescued From Dog Meat Farm Gets A Happy New Life !!!

They also worked on her fears. Goldens typically like the water, but after life in an unprotected cage, Harper had come to fear the water.

Luckily, a raincoat helped ease her fear of the rain. It also helped her look a little like the Gorton’s fisherman.


Harper had also never socialized with other dogs.

“Here is Harper meeting a group of dogs for the first time. She crouched down when they initially swarmed her, but after a few minutes she was happily sniffing butts and playing with her new pals.”

“If I could do it over again,” daisyintheair continues, “I would probably start her out meeting one or two dogs instead of a group, but thankfully everything still turned out OK.”


And while she was still getting used to water, Harper turned out to be a big fan of the snow!

She loved jumping through the snowbanks near the house.


Because daisyintheair works long hours, Harper also had to get to know the dog walkers.

“I work full time and pup gets walked while I’m away. Her walkers are super sweet and she loves spending time with them,” she says.

“They truly work some dog-whispering magic on her as all my photo updates include a smile this big.”


After spending more time in her new home with her new human and dog friends, Harper began to enjoy life as a normal dog and got right into chewing on sticks!


As well as on some other things. In fact, she chewed up this shoe right before graduating from her intermediate training class!

“I like to think of this as her way of having a last hurrah before moving to advanced [training class],” daisyintheair says.

“It was also the first time she has destroyed anything of mine, so I didn’t mind.”


Harper is also getting to do all kinds of things like going to the beach. She’s still a bit leery of the water, but she seems to be getting more comfortable with it.


“I brought her to the office with me last week. Tried to put her to work, but she was pretty useless at anything finance-related. Unfortunately, she didn’t qualify for a consulting fee. [And] she slept on the job.”


“Harper – Golden Retriever has been an indescribable joy in my life. She is a spunky little thing that has so much personality and love. It’s hard to imagine that she was ever destined to end up on a dinner plate,” daisyintheair says.

And Harper has also made her life more fulfilling and healthy.

“I love waking up in the morning to her licking my hand. Regular walks keep me active. It’s hard to get upset over little things when this little furball is rolling on the ground or chasing her tail… Having her has resulted in countless physical, mental and emotional benefits for me. Sometimes I really do wonder who rescued whom.”


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