Golden Retriever Rescued From Dog Meat Farm Gets A Happy New Life !!!

Like many people, Reddit user daisyintheair had thought for a long time about getting a dog. After all, having a dog is fantastic!

But it’s also a serious responsibility. Daisyintheair knew that because of her full-time job, she wouldn’t be able to properly care for a young puppy, and thus decided that an older dog would be a better option.

She visited a number of shelters looking for the right companion, but she says, “I never felt that elusive ‘instant connection’ I assumed I’d have with the dog that was meant to be mine.”

Little did she know that her canine soul mate really was out there, but in the last place she would ever expect: On the other side of the planet! She soon found out that when you love someone, distance doesn’t mean anything.

Daisyintheair didn’t know it, but she was about to stumble upon the dog she’d been looking for all along, and she never would have imagined the circumstances that her future dog had lived under.

It all started when her sister alerted her to the activities of Humane Society International (HSI), who had just freed a number of dogs from a meat farm in South Korea and were preparing to ship them to the U.S. for adoption.

Read on to see the amazing story of how a Golden Retriever  found her forever home 7,000 miles away.


This is the first picture of her dog that Reddit user “daisyintheair” ever saw.

This miserable-looking Golden Retriever, who had spent her life chained up outside, was being rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea.

“The sad expression, the heavy chain choking her neck, the tail between her legs that was wagging gently because someone had come to free her… The idea that she was awaiting slaughter absolutely gutted me,” daisyintheair remembers. “‘This is my dog . This is the one.’ That’s all I could think to myself.”


Despite the distance, the dog sparked that instant connection she’d been looking for.

Dog meat is increasingly unpopular in Korea and is especially opposed by younger generations, many of whom are working to make the habit a thing of the past.

So far, Humane Society International (HSI) has shut down five dog meat farms in South Korea, where they’re working to eradicate the dog meat trade altogether. This farm was the fourth to be shut down.


That day, 25 dogs and puppies were rescued. They’d been neglected and left in cages at the mercy of the elements, but they still eventually warmed up to their rescuers.

The dogs rescued from these farms are of all breeds, including popular breeds like golden retrievers, labs, and huskies.


The dogs were flown to the U.S., where they were then sent to various shelters with room.

The dogs were split up, so that meant daisyintheair had to track down the Golden Retriever she’d fallen in love with.


And she found her!

Daisyintheair showed up early after a week of “obsessively” checking the shelter’s website to see when the dog was ready for adoption.

“Despite the smile on her face, the adoption coordinators let us know that she was extremely skittish and scared. They weren’t sure if it was temporary or something to adapt to long-term,” daisyintheair says.

“Her coat was rough, not soft and fluffy like a typical Golden Retriever with its flaxen hair. Despite a bath when she arrived, she was still pretty stinky as a result of the poor conditions she was kept in. I didn’t care about any of these perceived flaws though, I knew this was my dog.”


But it all worked out in the end.

“The little stinkbug came home and I named her Harper. Fortunately, she took to her crate immediately.”

Harper spent most of her time in the crate her first week home, while she was also recovering from her spay surgery.

However, she was still skittish and terrified of people, cars, loud noises, water, and the vacuum cleaner.


But she was learning to adjust to family life.

“This is her award-winning ‘you’re holding a treat in front of the camera’ smile,” daisyintheair says.


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