Golden Retriever And His Local Mailman Have A Unique Daily Routine

Golden Retriever And His Local Mailman Have A Unique Daily Routine

Dogs hating on the friendly neighborhood mail carrier isn’t just an old animal cliche. It actually happens a lot more than you would expect. It’s understandable why a dog, or in this case, a very menacing cat, would feel threatened by a stranger in uniform coming into their territory day after day. That’s why it’s always nice to see a mail carrier and a pet who have a nice relationship going on. After getting barked at, jumped on and even attacked, you can see why not every mailman would want to be as friendly as this guy. However, it’s not an amazing mail carrier who caught our attention in the following video, although I’m sure they did help along the way. In the video, which was likely filmed somewhere in Eastern Europe, we see a friendly Golden Retriever happily greet the local mailman, who filmed their usual encounter on his helmet camera.

The golden retriever, who we learn from the video’s subtitles is 13 years old, takes the mail from the mailman’s hands and brings it to his owner, Vitomir, to receive a little treat each day. According to the video’s description, the dog will also bring his owner’s shoes when he hears “let’s go for a walk,” and if it’s raining he’ll bring an umbrella.

Don’t you wish your dog did all this?!

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