Resilient Golden Ready To Inspire The World After Losing All Four Paws

Chi Chi, a 2-year-old Golden Retriever mix, has finally reached the end of a long, painful journey. Since she was discovered in a garbage bag in a Korean alley, Chi Chi has undergone radical paws surgery, a grueling recovery, and a voyage across the world to Phoenix, Arizona.

Now she finally has a place to call home and a family that loves her—a fate that probably seemed like an impossible dream to Chi Chi a few months ago. Chi Chi, which means ‘Loving’ in Korean, was discovered outside of a rural meat market in South Korea. All four of her limbs were bound with wire and badly injured. The head of a local animal shelter, Ju Yu, believes that the wire and injuries indicate that Chi Chi had been hung inside the meat market by her limbs and beaten. When her captors discovered that Chi Chi’s wounds had become infected, they discarded her, she lost her paws.

lose all four paws

After her fortuitous rescue, Chi Chi spent over 2 months in a Seoul veterinary clinic. Her paws and lower limbs were too badly damaged and infected to be saved; amputation was the only option. Once she recovered, doctors fitted Chi Chi with prosthetic limbs and taught her how to walk again in a new, unique way.

lose all four paws (3)

Through all the pain, trauma, and turmoil, her tail never stopped wagging. Chi Chi doesn’t let her painful past affect her outlook on life.

lose all four paws (2)

Richard, Elizabeth, and Megan Howell are no strangers to dog rescue and adoption. They currently have two Beagles from the Beagle Freedom Project. When the family heard Chi Chi’s story through L.A. based organization, Animal Rescue, Media & Education, they knew they could provide a safe, loving environment for her.