17 Year Old Girl Repeatedly Kicking A Puppy, Then Shared The Video Online – She Was Banned!

Most of us when we are younger do silly things or make mistakes, but this young girl went completely beyond that, she pleaded guilty as charged…

At the young age of 17, this girl was banned from buying a dog for a whole two years, but what she did some may argue that two years is not enough, at all!

She kicked, repeatedly, a puppy as she was videoing it on her phone, then shared the video online like some kind of trophy after the fact!

The girl is called Elizabeth West, and the poor puppy is called Buster, she booted him 26 times, it all happened on a Saturday, close to the central Queensland town of Rockhampton.

The video she posted was really upsetting and quite disturbing, just to make it worse she said in the video: – ‘Dog’s dead… how do you like that?’


No animal deserves this treatment, and how could anyone do something like this to such a sweet little puppy.

Thie video was reported to the animal rescue group the RSPCA and the Queensland police were alerted to the video as it was getting distributed across many social media websites…


She kicked Buster 26 times and making threats near the central Queensland town of Rockhampton on Saturday.

She pleaded guilty, well she did film the evidence of what she did! she was appearing to the charge of animal cruelty, and the court also heard her excuses too.


It was heard in court that just before the attack she had received a bunch of awful messages from her ex-boyfriend and his new partner, but is that really relevant?

The magistrate Jeff Clarke said the incident was a despicable act!

He said: “Unfortunately I cannot make an order that you not access or maintain social media accounts – I would make that order if that order could be made.”

She was banned from buying a dog for a whole two years and given a further two-year probation order.

She must also attend compulsory counseling in addition to anger management!

What do you think ?