She Cried And Made Everyone Cry, She Had A Very Important Message To Share

Every little girl wants to be a princess, well maybe in more than 90% of little girls at least, and this little girl was no exception either until that is her parents encouraged her to consider other options and beyond a stereotypical girls thoughts.

It was book week and she had to choose what to dress up as, this little girl is four years old and even though her first thought was to dress like a princess, she went beyond that….

She, in the end, decided to pick up a book, for the book club week, called Next Door’s Dog Has a Job written by Gina Dawson.

Her aunt, who has a service dog, gave her the book and before she left the house she cried a little as she knew other little girls would be dressed as princesses, and she didn’t want to be less pretty.

Mom called her sister and asked her to talk to her daughter on the phone, but her sister got in her car and came straight to meet them.

Belle’s sister arrived + her dog Thaddeus, with her niece for book week – Belle Higgins/Facebook

She was an hour away and met them in the daycare, with her lovely and special dog, called Thaddeus, of course!

Her sister finds it hard to even leave the house some days so she was super stoked about her coming to see her daughter.

Her sister put Thaddeus’ service vest on, then took them both to the classroom to read all the children the book.

The little girl’s teacher asked her aunt:

“…if she is the trainer of the dog because she doesn’t look sick”

…in front of all the children!

Belle’s daughter picked a book called “Next Doors Dog Has a Job”, by Gina Dawson, as her book week inspiration – Belle Higgins/Facebook

The teacher is lovely for sure, but really hadn’t seen or been educated in mental health, mom felt a little teary about it, but held it together, her aunt stepped up and said:

“…no, he is my assistance dog, he is here to help me, he goes everywhere with me and helps me every day”.

Mom was so proud of her sister that very moment, how amazing it was indeed!

It’s so important to educate children, amongst other things about how not to approach dogs or touch dogs that they don’t know, and also to understand the importance of service dogs and how to react and behave around them.

Sometimes people have service dogs and you can’t see with your eyes that they have a disability, but that doesn’t change the fact that, there are many disabilities you can see but are equally as valid, mental illness and diabetes, as well as PTSD too, for example.

Raising awareness about mental health is a really important thing to raise awareness about, and really should be talked about a lot more.

It way well absolutely save many lives too when people get the help that they need earlier, as people recognize when family or friends need help earlier before serious problems arise.

The greatest thing about knowledge like this is that we can help others around us, family, friends and even save lives in the process too.

Never give up on another person with a mental illness, they need love and support and understanding, as well as a lot of patience too.

The statistics are alarming too, four in every 16 youngsters between the ages of 15 to 30 live with a varying degree of mental illness.

The problems arise when youngsters are too embarrassed to discuss their problems, afraid of what others think of them.

The little girl dressing as a doggie from the book has really touched people, as well as her aunt too, to give her the strength to talk about mental illness.

Yet again these wonderful creatures, dogs, help us in our deepest times of need they sense when we need help and they are there with us every step of the way.

This little girl has really inspired us by her thoughtful actions in her book week, please SHARE and inspire others too.

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