Get rid of your dog or move out! Disabled veteran forced to make tough choice

A Vietnam veteran called 6 On Your Side Investigates after being told to either get rid of his dog or move out.

Willie Williams is a disabled veteran who lives at Freedom’s Path on the Chillicothe VA Medical Center campus.

He says he called 6 On Your Side Investigates because he didn’t know where else to turn.

Williams, a Marine and Vietnam veteran, is worried about being evicted and isn’t about to ditch his best friend, Diamond.

“She all I have and I’m she have,” said Willie Williams.

Williams and Diamond are inseparable. Diamond is usually in tow or onboard his scooter.

“If I had did something or doing something to cause this, I would have never have called ya’ll,” said Williams.

Three years ago, Williams says he moved to Freedom’s Path Chillicothe.

They’re apartments for homeless or at-risk homeless veterans managed by Pinnacle on the Chillicothe VA Medical Center campus.

“If I have a problem, I get sick, I know the rescue squad is right there. Take three minutes to get there,” said Williams.

About two weeks ago, Williams says a handwritten anonymous note showed up on his scooter seat.

“It says ‘Willie, it’s time for you and your dog to go. You will no longer be tolerated. Move out,’” said Williams.

A letter from a Columbus law firm on Jan. 14 stated he was told to keep his dog on a leash but didn’t.

It went on to read it’s either him or the dog.

“It was an accident when she got in the elevator, ’cause when I’m at my friend’s house, I don’t need her on a leash,” said Williams.

He says the property manager has told him neighbors complain about Diamond.

“She’s always telling me somebody else say something about me, she’s going to take action,” said Williams.

6 On Your Side Investigates tried to speak with the property manager and she referred us to their lawyer.

We called their lawyer who said they were made aware that his dog engaged in behavior in breach of the lease agreement.

We asked what the behavior was exactly. He stated he couldn’t speak off-hand because he didn’t have the letter and file in front of him and couldn’t speak to the facts.

He told 6 On Your Side Investigates to call back the following morning. 6 On Your Side Investigates called the next day and just got voicemail.

Williams says Diamond is his emotional support dog to help with his PTSD, depression, loneliness and isolation.

“If it weren’t for her, I just would probably go into total isolation,” said Williams.

He says when they do go out, he takes Diamond miles down the road.

Willie doesn’t want to move and isn’t letting go of his tried and true friend.

“This is not a spot and place I want to be in right now in my life. Like I said, at my age, I don’t know how much time I got. All I want to do is live and let live,” said Williams.

Williams says one neighbor claimed Diamond tried to bite him and his dog but he says that wasn’t true.

He says his 10-day notice meeting has been set for next Monday with the property manager, her supervisor and their attorney.

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