From your dog’s point of view – Remarkable footage

Remarkable footage shows what the world looks like from the eyes of a dog.

Black Labrador-Doberman cross Roxy has been captivating the internet for around a year via GoPro showing her view of various canine antics.

Jeray Tomlinson, 26, has been filming his dog to provide insight into a typical ‘dog’s life’, by fixing the camera to a saddle on Roxy’s back.

The resulting footage is both adorable and hysterical – taking in her meetings with other dogs to exploring scenic locations.

It shows her swimming, catching treats, playing dead, fetching, panting and smelling just about everything.

Mr Tomlinson, from Canada said: ‘Roxy is two-and-a-half-years-old. Her birthday is June 1st. I started to put content online about ‘POVpup’ in July of this year.

‘It had been something I had been wanting to do and finally decided that it was time. There is no limit to what can be shown in videos.’

He continued: ‘They range from her doing tricks, to interactions with other dogs, to random adventures in different places.

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