Four boys save abandoned dog tied with cords!

While out in their Detroit neighborhood one day, four friends spotted a dog behind an abandoned house. These boys, all friends helped out in their community.

They were assisting a lady with her boxes and bags when they observed a dog tied up with bungee cord behind an abandoned house.

Kenny (13), Kenneth (11), Kevin (7), and Andrew (7 decided to rescue the pooch, ultimately giving the dog another chance at life. The dog shivered from being out in the elements; to keep her warm, one of the boys wrapped her in his coat.

The group of friends took the pup home and fed her bologne and water and did what they could for their new friend they named Sparkles.

Theresa Sumpter is the founder of Detroit Pit crew rescue. Theresa happened to be in the area that day. She and her team approached the boys with Sparkle. She later wrote on Facebook: “Our heroes of the day! Young dog rescuers starting early.

Theresa and her crew explained if the boys let them take Sparkles, they would get her to the vet and find her a forever home.

Hearing this, one of the boys commented that rescuing Sparkles made him “feel great.” The four boys were thrilled that they saved Sparkles from starvation and certain death.

abandoned dog

Though pleased for doing what they could for their new four-legged friend, Theresa explained how the four didn’t surrender Sparkles immediately: “You could tell they love this dog.

“They were protective of the dog and wanted to make sure the dog was going to a good place.”

Theresa later filmed an interview with the kids. She thanked them for being heroes of the day and made sure they received compensation. Since being in the care of Detroit Pit Crew, Sparkle’s health is improving.

The staff thought she had mange, but thankfully, she doesn’t.

From the photos and videos posted by the rescue group, the pooch is affectionate, fun-loving, and great with kids.

abandoned dog

How awesome is it that these four young boys took the initiative and saved the life of a helpless animal.
They could’ve left her tied up to die, but they decided to let her have another chance to live a happy life. These four most definitely are heroes in our book.


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