Blind and left to die, this pit bull is come a long way!

A pit bull was found in horrible shape. He was extremely sick and had sarcoptic mange, heartworm, dermatitis, was severely malnourished, and on top of all that, he was blind.

He was wandering the streets all alone, unable to see and unable to find food.

It’s unknown how he got there; but it’s assumed that this pit bull once was someone’s pet since he had cropped ears and a collar.

When they first took him in, they thought he was too sick for treatment.

pit bull

But they didn’t give up on him and now he’s getting stronger every day.

He is also learning how to trust again.

They named him Mr. Hicks, and he is currently in foster in Puerto Rico; where he is getting unconditional love and attention.

pit bull

Because he is blind, he was frightened by all of the new sounds, smells and touches, but he is warming up quickly.

He is starting heartworm treatment once he is a little bit stronger.

His foster mom cooks for him every day and also gives him medicated baths daily to help his skin regenerate.

He has a team of people pulling for him and has known love, comfort, and been able to sleep in a safe; secure spot without worrying about food or harm coming to him.

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