Found With Half A Face, This Dog Defied Death

Animal abuse is never a pretty thing, but this dog’s story is particularly gruesome.

When the All Dogs Official Rescue Enterprise of Houston received a call about a dog in need, Brittany Faske was the first on the scene.

She found a stray left in the trash. The animal was emaciated, nothing but skin and bones, and was close to death.

But the worst part? Half of its face was rotting off. Its mouth and nose were nearly gone, and parts of its snout were actually hanging off. Needless to say, things looked bleak for this poor dog.

She Thought He Wasn’t Going To Make It

Faske’s first impression of the dog, who was later named Apollo, was grim. She genuinely thought he was a goner – that he had a bad infection causing his face to rot off.

But on closer inspection, Faske saw a blessing in disguise. Apollo’s face wasn’t because of an infection, but because someone cut it with a knife. While undeniably grotesque and hard to stomach, this meant good news: Apollo had a chance of surviving.

Faske immediately took Apollo into emergency care where, surprisingly, he acted as if he still had his face intact. He was drinking and eating normally, and even sniffed out other dogs. Apollo was truly something special – which is why he got the best care imaginable.

New Home, New Face

After a skin graft and undergoing intensive reconstructive surgery on his face, Apollo was back to being normal. While doctors couldn’t save his nose, he is able to breathe out of his nasal cavity just fine.

As for his home? Well, Faske didn’t intend on adopting another dog (she already had two of her own), but after seeing how kind Apollo was after what had happened to him, she knew she couldn’t let him go.

After all, Apollo is a survivor – how could you not say no to that face?

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