Found Chained So Tightly To A Tree He Could Hardly Move An Inch

Imagine this, she was relaxing one night at her home, over in New Jersey, it was late in the month of September, Kerry Hanley suddenly started getting call after call, texts and Facebook notifications too.

Kerry is well known as a hard-working volunteer with Don’t Bully Us Rescue and an animal lover and also an amazing rescuer in general.

As it happened, that night everyone contacted her to tell her about an alert, there was a dog in a really bad situation, that needed her help.

Kerry said:“I received six phone calls, a dozen or so text messages and hundreds of [Facebook] tags about a dog, padlocked to a tree in Swedesboro, starving to death,”

“His head was padlocked in a position that he could not move his head an inch. There was no food, no water and he was sitting in his own feces and urine.”

“In my pajamas, I went out to the address that was sent to me to see if this dog was in fact out there and if there was any chance I could speak with the family to see if I could help.”

In the little hours of the night Kerry went out to find the dog everyone was so worried about, but as she got there she could not see a dog outside at all.

She talked to the Woolwich Township Police Department and told them about this dog she was looking for, they were already aware of it and, actually, were doing their very best to make sure the dog was safe.

Kerry said:

“It was a bit painful only because we had to kind of sit in the dark for a few days while the police carefully did what they needed to do to pull the dog from the owner”

A bit later on that week the pit bull mix, called Max, was removed from his home and then taken to the Gloucester County Animal Shelter.

In the shelter, they cared for her until the court hearing, where his owner was found to be guilty and was also fined, at which point he was officially surrendered to the shelter, finally able to be rehomed!

The Rescue group, “Don’t Bully Us” took on max straight away, but it did appear, at first like the shelter will keep hold of him.

Max sadly tested positive for heartworm, he also failed a handful of the shelter’s basic behavior tests, although they did contact the rescue group to see find out if they could have him, to ascertain if he could get more personal care, the rescue was very happy to agree to it!

Kerry was a big part of Max’s rescue, so it was that she was the one to foster him, how beautiful it was too!

She was very excited to give him a second chance at the life he deserved, she got her home all ready for him, she was then at last able to take him home.

Kerry recognized that Max’s had a soft side and really brought out the best in him, he was not so aggressive after all with careful management of course.

She said:

“Max is a puppy in a big boy’s body …He clearly never got to play as a puppy, so he has all the [same] puppy energy and playfulness as a 16-week-old pup!”

“He has no manners yet, but we are working on it.”

Max had been in chains for so long he was quite reluctant to move around or play, but in his foster home he is learning to explore and be free, how amazing life is now for him!

Max really does get on well with Kerry’s other dogs, he adores all the people he has met and he really loves kids too!

Kerry said:

“He’s a goofy big pup …He loves to play … more than any dog I’ve ever seen. And if you are sitting on the floor or couch, don’t think you’ll have any personal space.”

“He will be on you in the drop of a dime. He hangs with me in my office every day. He just chews on his bone while I work and he never barks at the mailman or kids passing by.”

“He is an absolute pleasure to have!”

Max really wants a forever home now and a family that would be game for taking him on lots of walks and runs and plays with him a lot too.

This really is an amazing doggie and he really deserves a super duper home, we hope he finds it really soon.

Kerry said finally:

“He just really loves to be with people …It’s sad to think he was tied to a tree with no one, all day, every day. That was his yesterday … but his future is full of people and love. That is a promise!”

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