He Found An Abandoned Box – He Was Shocked To Discover Nearly Frozen Puppies Inside!


We often see boxes and trash discarded but it’s not often there is something precious inside it! This guy was passing an empty lot close to home when he saw a box that made him intrigued, it hadn’t been there before he remembered…

He felt something, instinctively he felt the need to go and have a look in the box to see what was in it. He was even more shocked to discover what was inside!

The two little puppies he had seen in the box looked lifeless and were not moving, they were thankfully just not conscious and alive still but frozen from the intense cold.

The guy really didn’t know if they could be saved, if there was enough time to get them help or what would happen, he nevertheless rushed them to the KC Pet Project and really prayed that they could be saved.

The workers there, at the rescue center, knew straight away that the puppies chances were slim to none and as fast as they could, they got to work to try to save them the best they could.


KC Pet Project said:

“They were in very bad shape when they came to us …We rushed them to our veterinary clinic for immediate treatment. They were very dehydrated and their little bodies were freezing. Our staff worked for hours on them, giving them fluids and holding them for warmth.” 

The staff really did their best for the puppies, they tried to get them warm and normalize their body temperatures to stabilize them, quite amazingly it worked!


The mere 3-week old puppies were doing really well considering but the staff were still worried that they might not survive the night.

One of the staff took them hole for the night, just to make sure they were ok, how lovely!

Thankfully by the morning both of the puppies were really doing better again, they were progressing well; getting stronger and stronger with each passing moment, these little ones are so resilient.


Fugate said:

“They were able to eat and they were back to a normal state …We gave them gruel in the afternoon and they were starving, so much so they almost took a bath in it. We were thrilled!” 

No one really knows who dumped the puppies, it was such a cruel thing to do, I wonder if they will sleep at night after doing such a thing!

Now they have a foster home, they will stay there until they are 8 weeks old and strong enough to find a forever home.


Needless to say, the rescuers have a lot of interested people lined up ready to adopt the beautiful puppies! We hope they grow stronger in their foster home and find some exceptional love in their forever home…


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