Former Republican Leader Thinks He Is Christ, He Sacrifices Dog To Show It.

We all get a little grandeur sometimes, some more than others, and on the whole, a little dream of grandeur is ok for the most part, we all have dreams, but his guy really has lost the plot, don’t you think?

The authorities say that this former head of South Carolina’s Republican Party had said that the reason for killing the dog was because God had told him to and that he was the second coming of Jesus Christ himself.

Todd was, of course, arrested last week after he not only choked the dog but did many other terrible and, quite frankly horrific, things to the Beagle of his mother.

The officers that came to the house, first responders, said that he came from the house only wearing his underpants, covered in dog hair and blood.

One of the officers described that he told them that: – “…every 1,000 years there needs to be a sacrifice and blood must be spilled.”

Dating back to 2013 he has had a number of underlying and quite public problems, in 2013 there was a number of media outlets who detailed a range of inflammatory messages he posted to his Twitter account.

During the Ebola epidemic of 2014, Kincannon made public his belief that all people infected with this disease, including all US citizens, should immediately be executed.

The arresting officers said that Kincannon held up injuries showing on his arms and wrists, an officer said that they were probably from a dog bite… he then said:

“I have a sign. I’m about to get crucified in the media.”

It’s confirmed that Kincannon will be charged with animal cruelty after evaluation at a mental hospital, seeing his past discretions it’s hardly surprising, but is this good enough?

In 2015, he was charged with criminal domestic violence, he threatening to kill himself, his wife, and her family, saying he will drive his car into a concrete barrier if the cops became involved.

He still has pending charges for other offenses, sadly though it took his extreme action against an innocent and lovely dog to prompt this response and his arrest.

The report says that police found Bailey, a 10-year-old beagle owned by his mother, a cattle dog mix, lay on the kitchen floor, stab wounds all over the poor dog and covered in blood.

What do you think ?