NFL Player Leaves And Goes On A Road Trip With His Adopted Dog!

Seizing new opportunities is the really the best way in life, we can see that is just what happens here with Joe Hawley, an NFL player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He had been told that his contract wasn’t being renewed again, so what would he do?

Well, he was sure that he wasn’t going to feel sorry for himself. Instead, he decided that he was going to treat it as an opportunity to be happy in what he decided to do instead!

We sometimes hear expressions like every cloud has a silver lining, and generally, it’s just for situations like this one here, there might be storm clouds above but there could be a real positive way to deal with them…

He had given the NFL a while eight seasons of his life, and two knees too, it was the time for him to think carefully what he wanted to do in life.

The thing about NFL players is that they don’t just play at games and practices, their whole lives are devoted to the sport, their whole way of living, how they eat, pretty much everything!

Joe said:

“It’s very structured. My whole life has been like that …I felt like I just kind of wanted to experience life, be free.”

Joe’s next challenges and what he did next are going to be about what made him the happiest. He sold his Mercedes and got a van. He was going to travel the US and enjoy the country and what it offered.

He had no constraints and he was super excited to see it in action, but he didn’t want to do it alone, he wanted a companion at his side, to do it with him!

Joe knew what he wanted to do, so he headed out to the shelters in the Tampa area, he was looking for his perfect friend, then one day he saw a doggie, his soulmate in a dog, a two-year-old boxer!

Joe saw right through him, past all his problems in the past, he saw a future with her, she was super scared really timid though. Joe really felt for her, he just knew how she felt when she shakes as anyone got close to her. She scurries to the other side of the kennel and would curl up.

He had to free her from the kennel, to live a life without constraints with him!

He officially adopted her and he drove off with her in his vehicle, he rang his sister, called Ashley to tell her about his new puppy. He even started to sing the freedom song from George Michael.

His sister said it would be such a great idea to actually call her “Freedom” just like that song, how awesome, he loved the idea!

Freedom really did transform into a completely different doggie, all that was needed was to put the shelter life behind her and move on with her soulmate. Joe sold his apartment, they were away!

Joe wrote on his Instagram:

“I’m so excited about the next chapter of my life and trying to figure out what life without football will look like.”

“For the first time in my life I don’t know what the next move is and it’s making me feel more alive than ever. I finally got the rig all set and ready to hit the road.”

“Tampa is now in the rearview. Nothing but open road ahead”

They both stuck around long enough to finish Joe’s speaking engagements in Florida, they ran together on dog-friendly beaches, it was awesome!

They have landed in Georgia, North Carolina, and Kentucky and their adventures go on exploring together and hiking and running too!

Their adventures in life have only just begun, they will go far together, literally, they are so happy with each other is really amazing, living the dream together.

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