Florida man to face felony animal Abuse Charges!

All animal abuse is disgusting and horrible; but when you compound alleged sexual abuse to physical abuse of a poor, defenseless dog, the crime becomes even more heinous.

According to Tallahassee TV station, WTXL, on Monday, a man was arrested for felony cruelty to animals.

A dog was left in his care but when the pooch was taken to the vet in April by the man’s girlfriend, a veterinarian from the Novey Animal Hospital contacted the City of Tallahassee Animal Control about this poor dog.

The pooch had a dislocated tail and injuries that could’ve been caused by sexual abuse. The court report filed documented the veterinarian’s account of the condition of the dog on its arrival to the clinic.

It had swelling and bruising to its inner left leg, anal trauma and a tail totally dislocated from its spine.

Do you know what specific injuries to animals require a veterinarian calling and reporting animal abuse?

The vet advised investigators that the injuries were ‘non-accidental’, yet officially unconfirmed as caused by sexual abuse; though this wasn’t ruled out as a possibility.

animal abuse

The tail would later be amputated based on advice from another hospital staff member. The woman who brought the dog to the animal hospital revealed she’d been verbally abused by her boyfriend, (the man arrested for animal abuse).

He denied mistreating the dog. And when she asked him if he’d ever abuse her animals, he assured her he wouldn’t.

She couldn’t have the dog stay with her because of her living situation. Abuse of any kind to humans or animals is wrong and unacceptable, but do you agree with the woman’s decision to leave her dog with her boyfriend who’d already had an unofficial abuse record with her?

What other options did she have if she couldn’t keep her dog with her? How else could this abuse against this dog been prevented?

Since the dog belongs to the woman, should she also face animal cruelty charges? Or, like the dog, is she a victim in this too?

This man arrested has yet to stand trial or issue a plea for the felony animal abuse charges against him. It’s difficult not to pre-judge or unofficially convict him.

If the evidence used to get the warrant for his arrest leads to a conviction, what do you think he should be sentenced to?

What restrictions, if any, do you believe he should face so he won’t have the opportunity to mistreat animals again?

What do you think ?