Floating On A Couch For Two Weeks Before This Dog Was Finally Rescued

Natural disasters and pets is a dangerous mix because they are not just scary for us, but for our pets too, and their panic often leads them into great trouble…

One such owner of a small doggie had to get out of her hole fast when it was flooded because of Hurricane Florence.

Sadly she had to get out of her hole so fast her little doggie got left behind in all the commotion and panic…

The woman, in the end, found herself in another city but reached out to the Humane Society of Missouri’s Disaster Response Team so ask them for their help!

One of the groups was helping to rescue animals caught up in the panic and desperately needing rescue, she asked them if they could help find her doggie.

The rescue team went to her house more than a few times, but the first two of these times they could not get access to her home at all because the water was too high.

The third time ended up being the charm though and they were successful!

You can see in the video below that it shows two rescuers from the group swimming to the house and getting to the door that was only just a few inches over the water level!

They bashed the door down and found the lovely little pooch safe and sound, pretty much, called Soshe this little one had found a safe harbor floating on the family couch!!

The rescuers took the dog from the couch and to safety, what a wonderful success, we are both happy and completely amazed.

He was so incredibly hungry and woofed down a bowl of food, this was his first feed all week, and you could tell.

They then gave him a lovely warm bath…

Soshe’s owner asked if her cousin could pick up the dog, which she did a,d then tanked the rescuers, she was so happy and grateful.

She said:

“I want to thank the Humane Society so much for doing all that they’ve done for everybody during the storm and for rescuing all the animals and making sure that Soshe is okay”

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