She Fixed Her Dog’s Leg At Home, She Should Have Gone To The Vet!

We really do love our dogs, but out of love like that, we don’t treat our dogs for serious problems, we leave that to an expert, because not only have they got years of training, but medicine and equipment too, not everyone seems to think that way though…

The Magistrates’ Court heard the case where this 36-year-old treated her pet, by herself, at home, after her doggie, called Lola, was hit by a car!

This poor doggie got out of her safe garden and through a gate that was unlocked, poor girl really didn’t realize what danger she was in when she left the garden.

The woman didn’t take her dog, called Lola, to the vet, she was confronted when a member of the public was concerned by what seemed to be happening and reported her to the RSPCA, an animal protection society.

From the RSPCA, an inspector, Jonathan Ratcliffe, went to the woman’s home, but the woman was quite hostile against him, he had to call the police!

He said:

“She (Lola) was struggling to walk and could not bear any weight on that leg, she was clearly in pain.”

“I took her for veterinary treatment and it was discovered the break was made more complicated by the fact she had not been treated for nine days.”

“There was a real fear that she might have to have her leg amputated but thanks to the veterinary team her leg was saved and surgery was successful. “

“The owner would not sign Lola over to us for rehoming so she has been looked after for 14 months in RSPCA care and thanks to the conclusion of this case we will now be able to find her a loving home.”

“This case highlights the fact that there is never an excuse not to get your pet’s veterinary treatment if they are suffering – especially in this incident when the dog must have suffered terribly with such a serious injury”

The woman was given a twelve-week sentence in prison, but it was suspended for 12 months and she was further ordered to pay the costs of $260 (£200) in costs and a further $150 (£115) in what is called a victim surcharge.

We certainly hope that this will be a warning to anyone else who should get the same notion, but we don’t know what the real long-term solution was, we are very happy that the RSPCA was involved and there was a positive and happy ending for this lovely doggie!

What do you think ?