Firefighters Rescue Dog After He Was Stuck In A Storm Drain For 7 Days !!!

Firefighters Rescue Dog Story… I‘ve had animals my entire life, and I am still amazed by the situations and places that they get stuck in.

My cats are usually the culprits who are constantly needing. To be saved from whatever they’ve managed to trap themselves in. It’s almost always the closet, too.

But occasionally, my dog finds himself stuck as well.  One dog managed to scare his family half to death after getting stuck in a drain pipe!

Edgar ran away from home one day, for reasons only a dog can have, and his family and Edgar’s best friend Oscar were devastated.

Edgar is terrified of storms, and every day after he ran away, it rained. But a week later, Oscar and Edgar’s dad made an amazing discovery that led to his rescue!


Edgar is a good dog his owner says, but like any good boy, he got a little distracted one day and ran away from home.


The scariest part about Edgar running away, besides being missing, is that it was very stormy that whole week.

Edgar is terrified of storms and usually turns to his family and Oscar (red bandana) for comfort. Everyone was so worried that he was suffering while he was gone.


Oscar was depressed the entire time that Edgar was missing.  On a walk, Oscar and his dad heard a dog crying. When Dad inspected it closely, he realized that Edgar was trapped in a storm drain!


Firefighters came to the rescue quickly to help get Edgar out.  They had to cut open the drain pipe, but thankfully Edgar was alive and was able to be taken to safety.


Edgar was dehydrated, and after spending a week in a watery drain, he was covered in sores.

But all of his injuries were treatable, and he’s been reunited with his family!


Ever since Edgar came home, his buddy Oscar has not left his side for one moment. Hopefully, they’re never separated again!

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