Finally He Gets The Love He Deserves, Senior Dog Abandoned On Streets Because Of Ticks…

As decent people and dog owners alike we are becoming more aware of what people do around us, what we witness and are thankfully bravely speaking out when we see a bad situation, this is just one of those cases in this story!

This person witnessed a person take their dog from the house and put them on the street, when they saw this they knew that they had to do something.

Bold and brave the person questioned the dog owner about what they were doing with the dog, they said that the dog was sick and that the dog was covered in ticks and fleas.

The owner didn’t want the dog anymore, sadly they had no love for the dog at all, so they were just going to kick the poor dog out of the house, without a second thought!

The person felt deeply for the dog, who was also blind and elderly, and took photos of the dog to share on Facebook, what could be a better way, after all, to call out to the community

‘Their Lives Matter’ saw the post, and to be perfectly accurate, Grace Lofton Kaye the founder, saw the post and stepped in to help.

The dog who was named Collin, was taken straight to the vets in Miami and got immediate treatment there, and this really is an amazing thing and what this lovely dog deserved.

Collin had a bath and they removed hundreds of ticks from him, but from that moment forward he started to come alive again, his appetite came back and he wanted to go for walks again!

One thing that was really great news was his heartworm result, he was of course negative, not only that but he didn’t get any of the diseases that dogs can get from tick so easily, he maybe had an angel looking over his shoulder…

If he had contracted any of the tick diseases they dogs can get from having ticks then there is no doubt that he would not have survived at all!

For the first time in his life Collin was getting the genuine and amazing amounts of love that he really needed, he really did tell everyone how happy he was about it too by wagging his tail so much; there was finally hope for him!

They will neuter Collin and he will finish his treatments, then he will be available for anyone that comes along to adopt him.

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