Dog Thrown From Car, 1/3 normal weight, Gets A Second Chance!

We love to hear about how these beautiful animals get another chance at life, they have been through hell and back, but at least they can experience love and understanding, this case really is an extreme contrast with that in mind…

Violet is an English Mastiff and really lucky to be alive at all, the people at animal control picked her up from the side of the road after they received a tip-off when someone called them by phone to alert them of the dog.

The caller had witnessed what had happened to the dog with their own eyes. They said that the dog had been thrown out of the car, she could tell that the dog was in bad shape and really needed help.

The dog weighed an unbelievable and tiny 54 pounds, that is about 100 pounds less than what she should actually weight in at, considering her breed and age.

Such a sad case, she was really holding on for dear life, had the person not have witnessed the event then this poor dog may not have survived at all.

The dog after being rescued was transferred to the Mutts Matter Rescue and there she would get the treatment that she really needs, she also got to be placed with loving fosterer Debbie Gretz.

Debbie has fostered many dogs that have needed special care and love, so this was the perfect choice to get Violet back to the picture of health again.

It’s going to take at least six months of love, food and care to get Violet back to the dog she really should be an to a normal weight again, at the minute her head looks way to big for her frail body still!

Debbie lives, with Violet, at Fat Dog Farm in Haymarket, Virgina and is at last finally getting to appreciate the finer things in life, and get lots of love and play too, she especially loves running around the house!

The authorities are still looking for the person or persons responsible for dumping her at the side of the road, there is even a reward.

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