A final tribute to Pit Bull Denzel, rescued from Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring!

It has been 9 years since NFL player Michael Vick was exposed for his crimes against Pit Bulls.

Twenty-two of his canine victims were taken in by Best Friends Animal Society and several were adopted into loving homes.

Several of the dogs were adopted into the warm and loving homes they deserved. And one special dog named Denzel was kept by the Best Friends Animal Society due to a chronic blood disorder.

The animal rescue group just adored Denzel — and he them. The team was devoted to keeping him healthy and loved for as long as they possible could. Denzel was very easy to love.

He passed away peacefully on January 10th surrounded by those who loved him.

Just because the Pit Bull Denzel could not be adopted into a traditional home does not mean that he never experienced the joys of family.

Pit Bull
He passed away peacefully on January 10th surrounded by those who loved him.

In fact, Denzel had a huge extended family of Best Friends trainers, caregivers and veterinarians who loved him as if he were their own.

Unlike many of the other “Vicktory” rescue dogs, a Pit Bull Denzel did not give his love freely.

Pit Bull

His trust had to be earned, but those lucky enough to break through his hard outer shell discovered a devoted friend for life. You can make a difference in a dog’s life.

Denzel will be missed to no end. His memory and legacy will live on for years to come in the hearts of everyone that knew him.

And even the millions of people who heard his story and helped put an end to dog fighting rings.

Watch a tribute for Denzel here:

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