He Fell To His Knees, Shocked What Was Done To This Dog

The extent of animal cruelty seems to have no bounds, and as shocking as it is, it’s equally as hard to battle it sometimes, but thankfully there are good people, opposite to this! Eric Purdue is one of these awesome people, kind and gentle. “It’s OK, baby. We’re going to get you out. We’ll get you out baby,” he said…

He had seen in the Georgia Trail something so cruel its really unimaginable that somebody would do this, he had noticed a muzzle poking out of the dirt, leading to a pair of blue eyes, the poor pup was buried alive and left to die.

Cutting briars along the trail Purdue heard an animal crying from a distance, he followed the sound, about 25 yards away he almost stepped in a fluffy brown chow-mix doggie, she was hidden under the earth.

He fell to his knees, almost in complete shock and started furiously digging to get the doggie out of the earth, there was only a small part of her face poking out!

It took him about half an hour of digging until his nephew and his son came to him to help. The doggie, called Lulu seemed to just know that they were digging her out, she was so happy!

animal cruelty

Purdue said:

“I think she knew we were trying to help her, so she just laid there. She wasn’t super responsive”

Even while digging to release her, he knew that he would adopt her and give her the life she deserved to have, no more suffering! As soon as she was released he rushed her to the vet…

Sadly in the early hours of the morning, she passed away, because of the severity of her injuries she sustained, she had been buried for at least two days like that.

He said:

“I was planning on adopting the dog. I visualized the dog riding around with me in my truck. But they called me around 4:30 the next day to tell me that she’d passed …June was a rough month, it really was. I think about her a lot.”

Purdue is actively trying to find out more about what happened and who could have done it, poor Lulu didn’t stand a chance!

He said:

“This person need help. A lot of it. Or some serious jail time, or both …I just couldn’t believe that someone would take so much time to do such a terrible thing to a dog … They’re sick. Sick. And if they’re just plain cruel, maybe someone will bury them for a day or two, see how they like it.”

There is a reward offered by PETA, $10,000 for information that will lead to the arrest of Lulu’s abusers. The Humane Society (USA branch), has joined forces with them, thank you, and offered additional $5,000, racking up the reward to a total now of $15,000.

Let’s SHARE and help them, we really hope that the people or person responsible is brought to justice!

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