Famous Dog ‘Juice’ Cloned By First Pet Cloning Agency

We know that having a dog you love often means that you could almost consider how to stay with them as long as possible, well this kind of technology really could open up the possibilities for the future, or could it?

This dog, Juice, is a tiny 30 cm tall little gem, he has starred in many dozens of Chinese film and television shows too!

This little one is very special indeed, but wasn’t always that way, having been adopted off the streets, now nine years old and unable to reproduce since he was neutered from a young age.

His owner and master is an animal trainer called ‘He Jun’ and wants to keep up this little dogs career by having him cloned…

Mr. He Jun said: – “Juice himself is a piece of intellectual property with social influence”

So his owner took himself and his dog to Sinogene, which happens to be China’s first biotech company to offer pet cloning to anyone who can pay for it.

Of course, this company made the headlines, they managed to clone, successfully, a gene-edited beagle in May last year…

Just a month after this they started offering their services to people.

For around $80,000 people can get their pets cloned, and surely this price tag will get smaller and smaller every year if people use the service regularly.

Now the company also wants to expand into gene editing, so people can affect all sorts of things about their future dogs!

Mi Jidong, the chief executive officer of Sinogene said that the pet cloning business is just getting started, and plans a great future in pet cloning and gene editing services.

Mr. Mi said:

“We’ve discovered that more and more pet owners want their pets to accompany them for an even longer period of time”

China is growing in many areas and fast too, in their current climate where there are few regulations about cloning, they really can move leaps and bounds.

Just earlier this very same year the same lab made the world’s first monkey clones, two long-tailed macaques!

Mr. Lee said:

“On the Government side, the image of this cloning industry is very high-tech, and definitely … is very supportive of those high-tech industries because of their high-profit-margin”

For Juice, they took a few skin samples, collected from his lower abdomen, then in a matter of weeks the lab had isolated his DNA and fertilized an egg!

The egg after fertilization is put into the uterus of a surrogate mother dog, in this case, a beagle!

“Little Juice” was born in September and stayed with his mom in Sinogene’s lab for about a month, then in a touching ceremony was given to his owner, even Juice was there too!

His owner said:

“We believe he’ll be even better than the older Juice”

Would you clone your dog?  Would you want to?

What do you think ?