Family’s Pit Bull Dies While Protecting Her Family From Deadly Attack

In Fort Meyers, Florida a cherished family pit bull pet died while protecting her family from an ex-boyfriend’s deadly rage, reports

When Walter Williams, 48 broke into the home of Lisa Potts, the two began to argue. Williams struck Lisa and then pulled out a knife. That’s when Lucy, the pit bull heard the commotion from another room, ran in and jumped Williams.

“Lucy lunged at him and once she lunged at him he caught her in the neck, and once he caught her in the neck, she just went to biting him,” stated Lisa.

Lucy lost a lot of blood. That’s when Lisa’s three sons tackled Williams and held him down on the ground until authorities arrived.

Rodrick Gibbons was Lucy’s owner; he had raised the six-year-old dog since she was just a puppy.”I had her since she was a baby, raised her. She is family. She was everything to me,” said Gibbons to

The family comforted Lucy until Animal Control arrived – continually praising her for being a good dog and a hero.

Sadly Lucy died the next day. According to the family, had Lucy not interfered, Williams would have stabbed everyone. Rest in peace Lucy. You are a hero.

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