Family Say They Can’t Stand To Watch Their Dog Die, So They Dumped Him In The Trash?!

When our beloved pets ‘actually’ pass away, some of us like to bury them in a happy place, some to keep their ashes, or scatter them, because they are in a better place in heaven, but this one family did a really shocking thing…

This callous thing they did is just so incredible to even contemplate, if only they thought that someone might do the same to them, ‘maybe’ they would realize how awful it was, surely?

A mother and her daughter, aged 74 and 32 years old respectively were booked by the police for what they did to their family dog, while he was still alive!

This February the Cheonan Dongnam Police Department revealed that they have booked both mother and daughter for violating animal protection laws.

During one evening on 29th January, the two women put their Cocker-Spaniel in a trash bag and threw him into the dumpster at a garbage collection center located in Cheonan.

family dog

The police reported that the Cocker-Spaniel was the family pet for around 15 years in total, the mother claimed that the dog has been weak and was really showing signs of his age and loss of consciousness.

She said the police:

“I couldn’t watch it dying so even though it was alive, I had to throw it out.”

family dog

About thirty or so minutes after the woman left the family dog there in the trash bag, luckily a passerby heard an animal crying for help. The passerby immediately called the police, who responded!

The poor dog, weak and traumatized from his terrible shock of being put in a bad and left alone in the dark cold was rushed to the nearest animal shelter but very sadly passed away a few hours later.

family dog

The police tracked down the owners of the animal and after inspecting the CCTV footage at the garbage collection point it didn’t take them long to find them.

The daughter reportedly cried after dumping her pet in the trash there at the center, and the dog showed no signs of physical abuse.

The family, however, will face punishment, it’s completely clear that they have done this to the dog while he was still alive, what an awful way to go at the end, at least, even though he died he had a little human comfort at the end, the poor doggie!

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