Family Has Built Their Beautiful Puppy A Cave To Feel Safe, She Is So Excited!

As dog owners we all think about how we can make the lives of our pets not just awesome but as pleasurable as we can, these guys here really went that extra mile! Phoebe’s family had a lovely hideaway, a cave built into the house, they used it for storage, but then they realized what they could do instead…

The only thing they didn’t plan for was how excited a puppy Phoebe was going to be and how much she would really love what they did for her!

It was around the age of six months that they adopted the lovely Phoebe, she was a really nervous doggie and strangers made her feel very stressed. She was very slow to trust people at first, more than likely because in the past she had bad experiences!

The family decided that if she had her own space to relax she would feel safe and happy as she adapted to be more confident.

Elaine Mendola, Phoebe’s mom said: “We decided to clean it out [and] get some new dog toys and blankets to make a little dog fort …The first time Phoebe saw the cave she was wagging her tail and looked very excited. When we got home she was sound asleep with some of my brother’s old stuffed animals that we stole!”


Right from the beginning, when Phoebe saw the cave she absolutely loved it to pieces, in fact, she spends quite a lot of time there she loves it so much.


Form her awesome cave Phoebe can see her family and still be in her private little safe space, how cute! She can see all the household action and still feel safe that she is away from it all unless she wants to join in…

She has all her favorite things in the cave and she is so happy!


Mendola said:

“Now that’s the only place that she sleeps and chews on toys and treats …Right in front of it is a bowl with all of her puppy toys!”


Every little helps and this really does make such a difference to how Phoebe is, she is such a content doggie, after going through so much, it’s just the little boost she needed for her confidence!


We would love our own cave to hang out in too, good for you Phoebe we wish you the very best with your family!

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