Family Seeks Justice For Their Golden Retriever, Shot With An Arrow


The Labrador retriever, from Wooster, Ohio, was shot with an arrow, the police are currently investigating and want to bring justice for the Family. (update below)

Chatfield Redick, of Wayne County, said that it was a concerned neighbor that came forward with his 9 year old retriever on the Wednesday afternoon, he had found the dog injured. Redick has said the dog got out after a malfunction in their invisible fence.

The family had to quickly take the retriever Copley where there was an animal clinic, where he had emergency surgery to remove the arrow. The Vet said that the arrow had narrowly missed his heart and lungs, just my minuscule amounts.

The two owners of the dog told the police that they really could not think of anyone that would want to do such a thing.

Cosmo is making a full recovery, his owners said:

“He’s our family pet. He’s our kids dog. It just broke my heart that somebody could do this to a dog,” Christine Redick said. “I highly believe there’s no way it could have been an accident.”

Captain Doug Hunter, of Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, said that the department is taking the incident very seriously.

Hunter said:

“Violence towards pets is something we are not going to take lightly. Hunters do not pursue domestic animals and whoever committed this crime is nothing more than a common criminal. We will do everything we can to hold him accountable”

A young boy, 16 years old has been questioned as a suspect, charges are pending at this stage say the police. Officials released a statement that the boy’s last name was written on the arrow, in addition he confessed to the incident when questioned.

The boy said that is was a simple accident, and he was trying to hunt what he thought was a coyote.

Will we ever know what happened?
Cosmo is home recovering. The family said the arrow missed the dog’s heart and lungs by a millimeter.

UPDATE: Police: Teen admits to shooting dog with arrow. 

Police say a 16-year-old boy has acknowledged he shot an Ohio family’s yellow Labrador retriever with an arrow.

Authorities say the arrow had the boy’s last name on it. WJW-TV reports the dog’s owner was able to trace it to his neighbor’s son.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office says the boy told officers he was deer hunting, and he says he shot the dog thinking it was a coyote. Police say charges against the teen are pending.

Cosmo is back at home and expected to make a full recovery.


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