Family pooch joins police mission to find lost elderly woman

In Durham, England a ten-year-old family pooch joined the Durham Police to help find a lost elderly woman.

Flash, a ten-year-old Patterdale terrier brought a 14-hour search to an end by lying down next to the hedges directly where the woman was found.

So how did this all happen with Flash?

The dog’s owner, Elijah, 13, said his dog frequently ran outdoors and sometimes even preferred to sleep outside, so he didn’t realize Flash was missing until the next day.

“He (Flash) often wanders by himself, but we noticed he went missing on the night and returned the next morning. We only realized what he’d done after speaking to neighbors and police. Now we wonder if he stayed with her all night?,” Elijah’s father stated.

According to the Durham Police Facebook page, the search for the woman included 20 officers and a helicopter.

Sergeant Barry Evans described the search and rescue as Flash seemed to have made the day.

“As officers worked down the field and the helicopter was overhead, a dog belonging to a local resident had accompanied officers as they searched the fields. Flash went and laid down near a hedgerow. He appeared to be indicating at something. This lead a family member to the missing person to discover the woman, found apparently unhurt from the overnight exposure although a little distressed.”

What a hero Flash turned out to be.

We should all be reassured the little pooch deserved extra treats that day. Live a long and happy life Flash. You are a hero.

“The missing woman’s daughter, who would like to remain anonymous, said: ‘We are just so grateful to everyone involved. We can’t thank them enough. Everyone was brilliant and rallied around to help, even people we didn’t know. The dog was absolutely lovely.'”

(Photos for article about lost elderly woman via Durham Police)

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