Family Seeks Justice For Euthanizing Their Dog By Mistake!?

We all love our dogs and are prepared as much as we can be for the day we may have to take measure to stop them from suffering needlessly, but to euthanize a dog before it’s time, it’s truly saddening..

This couple was so incredibly grief-stricken, lost what to do, or even how it could happen, after their shock they feel quite angered by the situation.

The couple has hired a lawyer to fight their case for them and to pursue legal action against the Tazewell County Animal Control after they astonishingly accidentally euthanized their dog.

The family, the Wangs, had rescued their lovely dog Moses from a high kill shelter some six years ago.

Sadly though they had no way to rescue him from the terrible mistake that the Animal shelter made that day in Tremont.

While at the shelter Moses was accidentally put to sleep while he was under a 10-day quarantine, it was because he bit a maintenance worker that came to the house unannounced.

Tony Wang said:

“I don’t care if we don’t get a cent because of what happened to Moses. That’s not our focus …We want the person who euthanized Moses to be disciplined, and makes sure this never happens to another family.”

The Wang family were of course not there when he was euthanized as he was not meant to be euthanized at all.

The family heard what happened when they got a phone call from the shelter to explain to them that their dog had been euthanized by accident.

The family miss him, but not just that their son, who is 6-years-old and grew up with the dog really misses him most of all.

Wang said:

“We got Moses when Kellan was a few months old. They grew up together”

The attorney representing the Wang family, Stephen Hedinger, a member of the Illinois State Bar Association’s Animal Law Section Council for several years.

Hedinger said:

He’d been involved in many“ actions against governmental actors for unnecessarily killing family pets.”

“This is a situation that cries out for justice …Any objective observer can see that what happened never should have occurred. What will justice look like? We don’t know yet. We’re reviewing and evaluating our options.”

The legal issues of the case are unfolding and all the while Tony Wang is trying his best to keep a lid on his emotions, but it’s certainly not easy.

Tony said:

“I’m so mad sometimes …Moses should have been out of the shelter Monday. That was the end of his 10-day quarantine. Instead, he came home that day in an urn.”

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