Family Dog Suffered By What Was Believed To Be Poison Laced Sausages

We firmly believe that one of the worse things that could be done to another living being is to poison them, it’s a cruel and terrible way to leave this earth, this family in this story agree!

The family was really heartbroken after two beloved pets were poisoned (‘suspected to be’) in the short time on only one month!

The owners of the cat and the dog, called Deadpool and Honey was really upset, she said that the Yorkshire terrier and the cat both vomited and suffered seizures.

Their home was Liverpool and their owner really does believe that they were targeted deliberately by someone.

Ms. Mellor, the owner, spoke to the RSPCA an animal rescue organization, they told her that they were investigating the possibility of poisoning, they think there could be poison-laced sausages involved.

Ms. Mellor also said that there have been a number of pets involved in suspicious situations or recently gone missing locally.

Just a month previously she had also found a cat that died just a the bottom of her garden, it appeared to have been a stray cat…

She works for an eco-friendly cleaning company but now lives in fear, feeling really shaken by the whole thing, she now wants to move house away from the area.

She said:

“It’s been devastating, I have little boys and it’s affected them so much.”

“It’s heartbreaking; it really is not just for my animals but for everyone around here that has had pets go missing or die. I feel it was deliberate.”

“At about 3 I heard the cat screaming and he was lying in an unnatural position on the stairs, with his claws hooked into the carpet.”

“He wouldn’t stop screaming, he couldn’t move. I called PDSA and got a taxi straight away, but he started to fit in the taxi.”

“It was too late by the time we got there and they had to put him down. I have one cat left and it’s not allowed to leave the house, I can’t change that now.”

The RSPCA was not clear about what happened at this stage of their investigation but asked for anyone with any information to call them.

Ms. Mellor also said that her neighbor has also had many cats die prematurely in recent years too, saying:

“…that back garden is like a cemetery”.

Matt Forshaw, a senior vet said about the cat:

“His condition rapidly deteriorated even after treatment”.

An RSPCA spokesperson said:

“At this stage, we do not know if these incidents were accidental incidents or deliberate.”

“But in the meantime, we would ask for everyone in the area to keep an eye out and check where they keep their pesticides and chemicals, including antifreeze, and make sure it is secure and out of the way of animals,” she added.

“We would ask that they make sure substances are carefully disposed of, rather than dumped on a roadside or in a park too.”

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