A Family Dog Was Shot in the Front Yard In Broad Daylight

We love a little bit of peace and quality time with our dogs, but that peace was disturbed for one family on a farm in Nickerson one Sunday morning.

The family said that they think that the gunman was specifically targeting their beloved dog that day, the poor dog really didn’t deserve this at all.

The dog’s owner, Colleen Dickey, said: “My dog was in my yard …There was no reason!”

Coleen said that the whole family woke up just before 8 am on a Sunday and heard what they can only describe as a gunshot sound.

She ran out with her husband to investigate, she said that she had seen her doggie, called Joe, sat by the barn that morning.

She went on to say:

“He appeared okay at the time”

Coleen then headed back inside the house to carry on getting ready for the day ahead, then she came back outside, just a few minutes after, she says that Joe came over to her quite slow, and had laboured breathing

She said:

“I noticed the gunshot in his side.”

Coleen said that her hubby called the Sheriff’s office then she quickly called the family veterinarian, but in the end, it was all just too late for him, there simply wasn’t enough time.

She said:

“To have him just die in my arms, it’s devastating, it really is.”

Coleen talked about the 3-year-old Ashkash, he was a guardian over their farm, protecting them and the other animals too, not only then, the children too. He was never aggressive towards humans though.

Colleen said:

“This wasn’t an accident …Someone did this on purpose. There’s no way to mistake him for a coyote, there’s no way to mistake him for anything other than a dog.”

The Sheriff’s Office is treating the whole thing as a criminal investigation, Coleen said that the shooter left behind tire tracks and a footprint on the dirt road leading to their property.

Coleen also says their vet also extracted a 22 caliber bullet from Joe’s body! Sadly though the Sheriff’s Department doesn’t have any suspects.

We truly hope that they do get any valuable information about the case and the person responsible is really brought to justice, our thoughts go to Joe and the family!

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