Family Dog Kidnapped, A Ransom Was Demanded, But Then Even Worse Happened!

To have your dog taken away from you is pretty devastating, but to have it done twice is even worse, this family in Delano, Minnesota, has been left numb after their dog was kidnapped several weeks ago, then recently shot dead…

This yellow Labrador called Lou was missing since last December 21, the family had posted flyers offering a reward to anyone that could find their much-loved doggie.

It was about a month after that the family received a call from a guy who said that he had their dog, he called himself Kevin, but instead of offering to return him the man demanded money from them.

The caller seemed to keep changing his mind, calling then several times about wanting $1,200 ransom, as he was on probation and didn’t want to be in more trouble!?

They tried to negotiate with him and to drop off some money to an arranged place, but the dog was still not returned to them!

family dog

Two months on again the family received another phone call from a fisherman on a lake outside of Buffalo, Minnesota, he had found Lou!

Owner Jason Davis said:

“We just kept thinking it can’t get any worse, it can’t get worse, but then, it did.”

The dog had sadly been shot twice and it appeared that he had been placed on the island to try to get rid of his body…

Davis said:

“That’s a sunken island and the guy who put that body there knew he would be underwater come spring.”

The family is still very motivated to catch who did this heinous crime to their beloved dog Lou, they have hired an independent bounty hunter with the U.S. Fugitive and Recover and Extradition services.

Davis went on to say:

“I don’t feel safe in this community until he’s caught …If he can do it to a dog, he can do it to a human.”

When the family experienced the terrible phone calls from the perpetrator they gave the News the chilling phone call to broadcast, you could hear him threaten to kill the dog one month after he was reported missing.

The caller said:

“I’ve decided to run your dog over so it’s a bag of organs. That’s it. That’s it. It’s gonna happen not just once. I’m reversing it over the motherfucker until the eyeballs pop out of the skull and then I’m gonna come back home and I’m gonna sleep like a baby.”

Anyone with any information please contact the Wright County Sheriffs Department at (763)682-7622 and U.S. Fugitive Apprehension Tipline (612)808-6656.

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