Family Dog Found With Awful Injuries, What They Did To The Car Made It Worse!

Our beloved dogs get really comfortable in their daily routines and when one of those routines doesn’t happen it’s a sure sign of trouble…

One family, the Novakovic’s, have a dog called Vuk, and his routine was to greet his owner at the back door each morning waiting to be fed.

To their shock one morning he wasn’t there, in fact, they were greeted by this little dog hold on to stay with them as long as he could.

Their home is in Dandenong, 30 km southeast of the Melbourne CBD, and the awful sight they were greeted with was one of a blood red mess, the poor little doggie.

The dog is an 11-year-old Jack Russell cross Maltese and somebody had used a knife, the poor little boy was in an awful state, just about holding on, he really needed help fast!

The police said that one of the contributing factors, in this case, was that as well as the harm done to the dog, the family they were unable to jump in the car to get help, even though they tired to…

The worst of the situation was when the family realized that someone had done the same thing to the tires of their car, and now that the tyres were flat, they were going nowhere at all in that car!

The emergency breakdown came to change their tyre, but poor Vuk was in a really bad way so even though they eventually they got to the vet, it wasn’t good at all.

Whilst at the vets they were forced to make a difficult decision, and for the sake of Vuk, he was put or rest for the very last time.

His owner said:

“We had him from when he was a puppy, just six weeks old”

As it stands the police do not have any suspects, they even appealed for the perpetrator to hand themselves in…

Senior Constable Alison Johnson of the Greater Dandenong Crime Investigation Unit said:

“I personally have been in the job for five years and I’ve never seen an incident like this before …It’s quite horrible, I’d never want to see it again.”

The authorities are working hard to find out what they can and to catch the person responsible, even to find out why it happened in the first place, they plead for anyone with information to please come forward.

We hope that somebody somewhere knows what happened and will come forward to assist the police in their inquiries and that the person or persons who did this are caught and held accountable!

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