They Had To Put Their Dog Down – Family Calls For Justice!

As dog owners, most of us feel the weight of responsibility about keeping our dogs on a leash, training them or at least generally being responsible for them on walks, or so you would think…

It was a very sad day for Angie Sharma and Farshid Tabari when they had to put their dog down on Saturday, the whole family are deeply hurt!

Max had suffered serious injuries during an attack from another dog that was on a walk but not on a leash, it all happened in the Vancouver area of Coal Harbour and seems almost unreal it was such a shock.

The owners of Max are calling out for justice, they simply want justice to be served for the sake of Max!

Sharma said: – “This was a life that was taken …Part of my life has been destroyed. Part of my son’s life. And part of our family’s life.”


The whole event was captured on security camera from a nearby balcony, you can see one dog without a leash running towards the other doggie, max, who was actually on a leash.

A guy was seen trying to lift the little dog out of the way of the unleashed dog, another man runs down the path and at the end of the video you see a man and a woman standing over a dog lay on its side in the path.

The couple was shocked more by the reaction of the guy who couldn’t leash his doggie than the attack, he argued with them and just walked away, they were completely stunned.

Sharma said:

“There needs to be justice served for Max.”


The news channel called the guy to find out his story of the events, Kevin Newman says that he stayed for ten minutes after the attack, but the video seems to show a different account of the events.

Newman said:

“I would never wish any dog to be hurt …I’m a dog lover …I tried to give my information. I told them to call the cops.”

The incident is now under investigation by animal control, British Columbia SPCA say that one simple way to prevent this from happening is to keep your pet on a leash!

Newman says the part of Max’s injuries is because he was on a leash…

Newman said: “He had a little rope harness on the dog, that’s probably what made the internal bleeding.”

SHARE and shame, our dogs are at our mercy and we should all be responsible owners, this is not just justice for Max but justice for dogs against bad or irresponsible owners!

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