Family Buries Dog, But 14 Hours Later He’s At The Front Door Again!

We all have sad occurrences in life, but there is none quite like this one we look at today, we go from feeling sad as the family buries their beloved dog to ecstatic when he is back at the front door again…

Mugsy the dog was a 4-year-old Jack Russell terrier and the family were devastated when a car hit him outside his hole in Maryland.

The owners were very sad, Viola was at work, but her boyfriend was at home, Glenn had to lake a quick decision what to do.

He decided he couldn’t face telling them straight away and buried Mugsy in the back garden quickly, he had a little time to tell them later and spare them the stress of seeing Mugsy that way.

Glenn was quite sure Mugsy was dead, he was bleeding and passed away in his arms outside the house after the car hit him.

Glenn told the kids, who were quite young to stay inside the house, then he carried Mugsy to the place where he buried him, in the yard.

Later that night Viola came home and they told the children and went to look at the grave together, the children were upset, said a few words for Mugsy and made their peace to their beloved Mugsy.

But then moving on a little, at 5:30 am that morning, 14 hours after the accident, they heard a scratching noise at the door…

They were astounded, there was little Mugsy wagging his tail and wanting to come back in the house again…

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