Family Adopts The Oldest Dog In The Shelter, Several Months After Her Time Finally Comes

When people adopt dogs usually they end up getting a younger dog or even a puppy, but the older dogs don’t usually get a look in. This family really turn that upside down…

Puppies are beautiful and sweet and cute, but at the same time they are full of energy all the time, they are relentless and they constantly pee and chew everything in sight.

A senior dog, on the other hand, is calm and wise, but often overlooked and left in the rescue centers without the love they deserve. Lots of senior pets are euthanized for this reason as sadly the shelters run out of space for them.

One family though, knows what faces these poor doggies left in shelters and turn everyone else’s perspective on its head, they look for the oldest doggie to rescue!

Melissa Davies and her daughter Raven Walked went to the BARCs animal shelter just to search for a senior dog to adopt and give a loving home!

senior dog

There is the shelter is where they met Kaylee, an American Staffordshire Terrier, and at 11 years old she was desperate to find a loving home, she was surrendered by her previous owners as they could not afford to care for her anymore.

Melissa’s daughter said: “No one wants an old dog. People think that puppies are more energetic. I don’t want them to die in a shelter.”

The family adopted this senior dog and even though she had early kidney disease and a thyroid carcinoma, they still took her, to try to make her last days the best.

They created a Facebook page for her to document Kaylee’s bucket list, of things to do with her before her time came. They also entered a competition an won $10,000 grant for BARCS.

senior dog

Trilled Melissa and Raven could contribute back to the people who had taken care of Kaylee after her previous owners couldn’t anymore.

The family even dipped into their savings and Vacation savings to really give Kaylee an awesome time and to care for her as her health declined. Melissa’s children even said that they are happy to give up their Disneyland holiday to look after Kaylee the nest they can!

Raven said:

“She likes wearing costumes and she talks a lot. She’s a really fun dog …“She kept trying to go around chasing squirrels. That was really fun.”

Several months after they initially adopted her, in May of 2017 Kaylee passed away, but she had a really amazing last few months with her loving family first!

senior dog

Kalee sang songs with friends, she had a cheese buffet, and brownie cake with bacon, she lived it up, going through her bucket list and really making the most of her mast few months.

Melissa shared a lovely video of Kalee’s adventures, on Facebook, with this caption:

“I cried while making it. I cried while watching it. There’s a big hole in my heart without her here.”

May peace be with you Kaylee, may you run free and dig for bones all your days at the end of the rainbow!

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