Failed By The People Who Should Have Saved Her, Puppies Froze To Death, Animal Control Did Nothing!

When it comes to saving dogs most rescue organizations really have such challenges each and every day. The terrible and serious things they deal with, they really do not also want to have to deal with local authorities obstructing them…

Unfortunately, though that is just the case, ‘Guardians of Rescue’ attempted to remove an animal that had been obviously used for dog fighting…

The animal control officer, from an adjoining neighborhood, gave photos to the rescue group of a dog in a really bad condition, they went to investigate.

Initially, there had been a check performed by a deputy who really was not interested in the condition of the dog or her health or even how she was doing. Just looking the photos you could see the dog was really in need of help, and medical attention too!

‘Guardians of Rescue’ group tried to explain, the deputy of Appling County thought the dog was fine, the Guardians say that the guy admitted that the dog was underweight, but the owner had claimed that she had just given birth to a litter of puppies and they all froze to death in the last cold spell!

The rescue group also said that:

“…it was no secret to anyone in the community that there was suspect breeding and fighting dogs housed on the property.”

They also said that if the property owner gave permission to take the dog, he would do so, but there was absolutely nothing else he could do about it.

The owner’s son sad that the dog had been in a fight with another dog and was already being treated for her injuries. but the signs and evidence suggest something else!

This poor dog was the victim of dog fighting and didn’t seem to be of any use to them anymore, poor girl!

When they forced the issue about the clear and obvious numerous injuries, the deputy stood by his initial assessment that the dog was absolutely fine and not in pain because she was ‘wagging her tail’…??

Happily a few days later the property owner who was elderly, reached out for help and allowed the dog to be released to the rescue center to receive care and help.

This poor girl has been under veterinary care for about a month now, it really does show quite indisputably that the dog was not ‘fine’ at all, the rescue group now call out to know how this massive fail in the system happened…

An official investigation has been launched by Guardians of Rescue to further investigate this terrible situation, they will be working closely with authorities to change the animal welfare position in Appling, GA.

This county really does seem to be a center of concentrated cases of animal abuse, unfortunately, though much of what is going on is being ignored and brushed under a rug!

Animals are so loving and innocent and we have a duty to care for and look after them, this kind of let down is not only sad but really a great injustice to these beautiful animals, it’s not right at all and needs to be sorted out once and for all!

It took a lot of help from several people to get this case sorted out, this poor sweet doggie was so neglected and abused and then after all that it was compounded by a failure to help her when she really needed it, but the very people you would expect to care about animal welfare!

How could anyone look at these pictures and not help?

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