Facebook Helps Reunite Blind Man with Lost Service Dog

A visually impaired man’s guide dog went missing last weekend, but thanks to social media and a kind neighbor, the two have been reunited.

According to KGW (scroll down for video), 28-year-old Blake Hardin recently moved to Vancouver from Alabama with his guide dog, Beethoven. But when Beethoven wandered off Sunday afternoon, Hardin was left in a panic. He hung posters around the neighborhood and accepted the services of a dog-tracking company, International K-9 Search & Rescue Services.

The search came up cold, but Hardin’s story made the rounds on Facebook. Meanwhile, the yellow Lab showed up on the porch of a kind local couple, who took him in and let him stay overnight—they even considered keeping him. But when they saw Hardin’s story online, they put the pieces together and contacted him. The two were reunited on Monday, October 19.

“It’s great to have him back,” Hardin says. “He’s my set of eyes.”

See the touching reunion below:

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