Covered In Bumps, An Extreme Case Like Never Seen Before!

Abuse sadly is all around us, thankfully though we are pushing back and building places to rescue and look after animals that have been abused, it doesn’t stop there…

Some people are not abusers as such, but simply don’t have the capacity or money to properly provide for their animals, sensible people do surrender their dogs to rescue centers to find another home.

There are also incidences of people who are ill who also surrender their animals, taking a responsible attitude is the important part…

Unfortunately though, still, there are cases of gross neglect and think goodness for dedicated rescue centers!

In South Africa, a dog called Belle was faced with a common issue, but due to its severity, because she didn’t have treatment, it had really gone way too far.


The community animal welfare organization, called CLAW, found the doggie in such a horrible condition, it really touched everyone, it was so sad.

She was completely covered in ticks, the way she looked was a shock, she didn’t quite look like a dog, in any normal sense!

The tics were congregated around her eyes and ears, they had seriously drained her and she was so weak and anemic from the ticks she couldn’t even walk.

She was really in need of immediate medical attention, and the veterinary clinic had some serious decision to make to be able to help her.


If they were going to remove each tick one at a time then it just would be sufficient, she had so many ticks they needed to find a faster way to do it, poor dog Belle was weak and needed a fast solution.


In the end, they decided to use a strong antiparasitic treatment that would paralyze the ticks all at once, thankfully their inventive solution worked!

Then they had to work tirelessly to reverse the damage to Belle, she was so malnourished, she had extra nutrients pumped into her to help her recovery!

Her health really improved quite quickly after this and the organization posted the dog’s pictures to find a home for her. It was fast and a woman saw the pictures and knew instantly that they were meant to be together!

Belle will now be safe and cared for and never get into such a terrible state ever again!


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