Rescuers Come To Shut Down A Dog Meat Farm – The Excitement Of 200 Dogs Caught On Video Is Priceless!

If you’re a dog lover, you’ve probably been sickened by stories of dogs that have been subjected to the dog meat trade.

But this rescue story is one that will make you feel hopeful, because there are so many people working tirelessly to shut this industry down!

(Note: all of the dogs in the pictures below are being rescued!)

One such organization is Humane Society International (HSI), which has shut down multiple dog meat farms in South Korea.

According to its website, “South Korea is the only country in Asia where dogs are routinely and intensively farmed for human consumption,” so it’s definitely a location of focus for this rescue group.

In “shutting down” farms, HSI not only saves the dogs, transporting them to the UK, Canada, and the US for adoption, they provide farmers with seed money and support so that they can make a living another way – and not fall back into this horrific trade.

Additionally, HSI is working to try to make this industry illegal, once and for all.

A few days ago, HSI shut down its sixth South Korean dog meat farm, rescuing a whopping 200 dogs. “This dog meat farm will be shut down and the cages destroyed.

The farmer is leaving farming altogether and starting a new life in Seoul,” the organization wrote on their Facebook page.

What’s most amazing about these dogs is that, despite living in cramped cages, being exposed to the elements, neglected, and abused, they still love people.

These pups will make wonderful companions for loving families!

In the video below, which was filmed live. You’ll see some of the dogs being moved into crates for transport out of the meat farm.

When one of the rescuers talks lovingly to the dogs as she passes their cages — something they may have never experienced before — they are thrilled just to get a little bit of caring attention!

Another great example of the golden nature of dogs is one particular pup named Julius. Despite being freezing cold and covered in sores, he is just as sweet as can be.

Julius will make a great addition to a loving home once he’s up for adoption!

As HSI is still in the process of rescuing the pups. The shelters to which they’ll be transported have yet to be announced.

Follow the Humane Society International Facebook page for the latest updates!

Thank you to the wonderful people who continue to do everything they can to rescue these beautiful dogs.

Together, we will end the dog meat trade altogether!

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