She Could Be Euthanized Because Of The Color Of Her Coat?!


Discrimination should be dead as the dodo, but unlike extinct animals and very sadly, it still rears its ugly head in American society. As the world becomes a more global environment, all working together, then multiculturalism is gracefully becoming the norm, but what about this puppy?

This sweet little puppy Gigi, a fox terrier, has found out what it feels like to be at the blunt side of discrimination… If only she could speak and tell us what she thought about that! I think that she would be scared and worried, being that she is in the high kill animal shelter of San Bernadino in California.

Statistically having a dark coat, if your a dog of course, then comparing this to pups with a light coat, like blond cote doggies, for example, are, in fact, put to sleep at a much higher rate in these shelters, coming second only to pit bulls.

There are many superstitions in more than a few cultures that think of black as a color representing a bad omen, or a sign of bad things to come, but really I think that such beliefs stem back to days of ignorance.

For poor little Gigi though, she is paying the price or she could pay the worse price of all, that’s if she is left there to be put to sleep, it’s her life at stake, unbelievable don’t you think!


The SBAS has a system, and as tough as it is, it was thought up as the only solution to cope with the demand for shelter by stray animals, and it’s very sad too! They give each dog a few weeks, sometimes just a few days to find a family before their clock against euthanasia runs out!

It’s such a sad shame that for one these beautiful animals are euthanized and for second that because of the color of her coat she could be stuck in this sad dilemma, her only escape is adoption.

Please do share this story and spread awareness, and please do adopt pups like this!

Maybe Gigi will find a home too because somebody sees this, let’s all hope so…


What do you think ?