Tried To Euthanize Her Four Times, Survived It All – Last Chance To Find Forever Home!

One thing in life that seems to remain constant is the reasons people give for doing or not doing things are at best a little unusual because perhaps we all view things in life differently. But for poor Clover, this was taken a little too far…

Clover arrived at the shelter with her owners, they said it was because she was “too big”. To make matters worse she was on the euthanasia list for the fourth time!

She lived with her last family for years, clover is a pit bull mix breed by the way! Seemingly was got on well with everyone in the house where she lived, there were toddlers and children in the house and all seemed well.

Clove was a sweet dog and not the only animal in the house, there was also another dog living there too, it was her daughter!

When her owners decided that they must get rid of a dog clover was chosen, poor Clover.


Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, Stacey Silverstein, said:

“Initially when she came into the shelter, she was good.”

“But let’s be honest. A shelter is a very, very scary place. There are tons of dogs there. It’s loud, it’s scary, it’s unfamiliar. Clover was a family dog, so obviously she was very shell-shocked.”

Stacey, who also happened to be the co-founder, decided to pull her from the euthanasia list, thank goodness!

After Clover arrived in the animal shelter, she was shocked, to be separated from what she knew and her owners. Her behavior changed for the worse, its heartbreaking to consider the only reason why this happened to her is …‘she is too big!’.


Clover stayed true to herself with her human pals, but she really hated the other animals, they scared her and lade her on edge, she was not good with other dogs she didn’t know.

Stacy said:

“She was doing really poorly in the shelter …Her behavior was really deteriorating. She was cage-aggressive, and they couldn’t put her into a playgroup with other dogs. She was giving the shelter a really hard time, and they just really wanted her out.”

This nervousness and general scared behavior around other dogs that verged on aggressiveness towards other dogs was what got her into this mess, unfortunately, and on the euthanasia list FOUR TIMES!

Stacy also said that if it wasn’t for someone pulling her off the list the other three times then she wouldn’t be here today either, she has some guardian angel looking over her shoulder!


Stacy said:

“Someone there was her guardian angel …She was very lovable and warm, and the staff really took to her.”

Rescue Dogs Rock, now she had been pulled from the list could look at getting her a foster home, she would be much happier in a foster home away from other dogs in the kennels there. Now at lest, Clover feels safe and happy…


Stacy went on to say:

“(The foster dad) was confident that he could help Clover, and he was telling the truth because if you look at those pictures, she looks amazing!”

“It’s a miracle …She’s doing amazingly well, and it worked out really well.”


For anyone that feels like they want to adopt this beautiful dog, Clover, and give her the forever home she deserves then, of course, contact Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

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Clover, we wish you the very best and hope you flourish and live an awesome life, be happy and live long and healthily, you are truly beautiful!

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