He Escaped Abuse Into The Hands Of The Only Woman That Loved Him!

Dogs really are clever, so when they are enduring something that is bad or not nice they do what they know, in biscuits case he found his way back to where he knew it would be safe for him, it’s so clever what he does…

It all started when the dog Biscuit started showing up at Kaylie Stogsdill’s home, he was ravenous and just wanted to eat, but looking at him all skinny, she fed him well.

Kaylie said: – “He would come to my house, and I would give him food”

He was such a skinny dog and Kaylie was very concerned, the poor doggie was progressively getting worse, she reported what was going on to the police and Biscuit stopped coming, she felt happy that it was dealt with!

Kaylie thought it was resolved…she said:“I thought maybe the situation was fixed”

Sadly it wasn’t resolved because some two years later Biscuit came back again, but this time he was even worse again, she hardly even realized that it was Biscuit.


Kaylie said:

“Once I figured out who he was, that he was Biscuit …You just couldn’t tell because he was so skinny.”

Kaylie called the police, this wasn’t right, well done Kaylie!

He was so close to dying, the poor doggie was so emaciated, even the court documents noted that he was emaciated, his skin sagged from his skull, there was no fat and hardly any muscle and his ears were filled with infection and debris …and his vertebrae and rib cage were protruding, he was covered in fleas!

Can you really believe the owner tried to say that it’s because of his breeding, Magistrate Banwart said that the owner argued that Biscuit was supposed to look that was, it was his breed, to be so skinny, but it didn’t wash, it was in insult the Magistrates intelligence!

A dog Biscuit had done the only thing he knew he could, he remembered that there was a safe place he could go, to Kaylie, and that’s just what he did and in a way, he saved himself, only just in time because he would have died very soon after if he hadn’t gone there.

Major Kelly Benwart with the Langston Police Department said that it makes perfect sense to him, that its the animal’s instinct to find a safe environment if his life is threatened.

He said:

“If an animal feels safe or an individual feels safe, they’re going to migrate towards that feeling of safety and being taken care of”

Kaylie is doing the right thing, thank you again, Kaylie, she is looking after Biscuit and nursing him back to a perfect picture of health.

Kaylie said:

“I believe I was meant to discover him and that we were supposed to cross paths”

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