Emaciated pup waits in cardboard box at shelter where he was dumped

At the Panhandle Welfare Society (PAWS), located in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, a severely emaciated pup sat patiently in the cardboard box his family left him in when they abandoned him at the door in the wee hours of the morning.

“We can’t believe he stayed in his little cardboard box; as if he knew he had to wait until someone arrived at PAWS. He was so scared at first, then we gave him some food. Now he is a big mush,” the organization posted early Wednesday afternoon on Facebook.

Now dubbed Claus, the adorable little guy, emaciated pup will receive the much needed veterinarian attention his undernourished body and soul requires. His ribs and spine showed through his coat – his emaciated body bloated full with parasites. The collar and flea collar he wore were much too tight; most likely no one had cared for Claus in a long time.

“We are grateful to whoever left him at our door because now he will be fed, loved, and treated by the veterinarian. Something they could obviously not handle themselves. This is what we are here for. He has a name now. He is Claus,” stated the organization.

Although animal advocates are shocked that any owner would abandon their dog; at least Claus wasn’t tossed out into the woods or onto the streets. If only owners suffering hardships and unable to provide for their pets would reach out to their local shelters for help, dogs like Claus could still be in the place he once called home.

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