Emaciated Dog Was Found Tied Up To Church Fence, But He Was A Warrior In His Heart!

Outside a church in Fulton County, Georgia, animal rescuers found a boxer mix tied to a fence. The poor boy weighed only 28 pounds; he should be double that size for his age according to Angels Among Us Pet Rescue.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue later named this sweet man Odysseus after the Greek hero who fought in the Trojan Wars.

We think he is quite the warrior too for what he’s endured. If the group hadn’t found him when they did, Odysseus wouldn’t have lasted much longer in that horrible condition.

The group wrote on Facebook: “Odysseus is currently on a feeding plan to help him stay on the right track and get his body the nutrients he so desperately needs. He’s eating very well too! And luckily, he is heartworm negative!!!

He’s tested negative for various other diseases as well, so this is great news!!! He’s just extremely malnourished!”

The poor lad had a long recovery ahead of him, but Angels knew this: “This sweet boy still has a long road ahead of him, but his future is looking brighter than ever!”

emaciated dog

It’s incredible to read harrowing stories of animal rescue where the most abused, neglected and abandoned dogs come back from the brink of darkness. Seeing rescue volunteers and shelter staff write about who got the first lick or snuggle is so heartwarming because despite what they’ve gone through, these dogs still know how to accept and give love.

“He is a complete lovebug too! He desperately wants love, and it’s so evident in his sweet face. He’s a bit nervous at first when he meets someone but quickly warms up, once talked to,” the group said.

You can see in this photo Odysseus allowing his foster, Nicole to hug and love on him while at the animal hospital. Nicole got her first kiss from the sweet boy.

emaciated dog

Angels Among Us Pet rescue summed things up perfectly. They can’t save every dog, but with tender love and care, those dogs they do rescue have a better chance to pull through: “THIS, this right here is rescue,” the group wrote. “This is why we do what we do, day after day!”

We love all rescue groups for their dedication and love that come from the best place ever! The heart.

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