Hours From Death, Emaciated, Deep In Snow, Left To Die – Then An “Angel” Came To Her Rescue

The cruelty that some people show is truly despicable, I sometimes think that some people don’t have feelings at all to be how they are, well this emaciated dog made me feel like this too, less than a few hours from death left in the snow to die a lonely heartbreaking death….

Elsa was a Dogue de Bordeaux and she weighed around 38 pounds, that’s less than half of what she should actually be, an adult female should weigh around 125 pounds.

This emaciated dog was found in Birmingham nature reserve, abandoned in the snow, so thin that she wouldn’t have even stood a chance without being rescued!

Thankfully she is now receiving the treatment she so desperately needs, with an IV drip and in her heart, longing for a loving home for Christmas.

The sheer neglect she suffered impacted her body so severely that she was really just skin and bone!

emaciated dog

Lin Reeves, an animal rescuer, said:

its.. “the worst I have seen in 30 years …Elsa wouldn’t have survived a couple more hours if she hadn’t been found. I went to collect her in my van and I wasn’t sure we were going to get there in time before she passed.”

“She couldn’t stand, she couldn’t lift her head, she was in an appalling state ..If she had been out there all night, she wouldn’t be here now.”

emaciated dog

She was found in the Corngreaves Nature Reserve, in Cradley Heath, Birmingham around 9 am, vets think she is about 4 years old. Her condition was assessed by the vet by scoring her from 0-5 zero being dead she was scored a mere 0.5 that’s how close it was for her!

An unnamed person commented:

“It is horrific, you can’t believe that someone could let an animal get into that condition …It is like a death sentence – I think whoever dumped her just thought it would finish her off. It looks like sheer neglect.”

So far around $5500 dollars have been raised for her vets’ bills, the vet is investigating to assess if there is another reason for her being so malnourished, but I think its safe to say we know why already!

Lin said:

“We’ve had donations from as far away as Australia. I’ve never seen anything like it ..Elsa is wearing a little jumper now, we need anything to keep her warm.”

emaciated dog

Thankfully there are many many offers to give her a loving home, now it’s all up to the vet to decide if she is well enough before Christmas to be able to leave and settle into her new loving forever family.

We all wish you well Elsa!

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