Elderly Dog Is Thrown Out Of A Puppy Mill, Now She Has A Bucket List!

To let your dog have babies is a wonderful thing for a mother dog, not always possible, but the one thing that is far beyond acceptable is to use a doggie as a puppy machine…

She was used for 10 years as a puppy breeding machine, but now she gets to finish her very own bucket list before her time comes.

The German Shepherd, called Victoria, has really had some lovely leisurely walks along the beach, she has played police K-9 for a day and even DJed at her local radio station.

All part of the wonderful things planned on her bucket list, she even let the state governor one day, but the poor girl has her days numbered…

She was born to a puppy mill and was bred from continuously for a decade, giving birth to approximately 18 puppy litters, that’s between 100 and 200 dogs!

When she was young she was attacked by another dog. The wound was never treated, which led to her losing vision in her left eye.

She has been neglected all her life, used and not cared for or loved, even sadder she was found to be suffering from a degenerative myelopathy, last year, which caused her to slowly decline.

Since she is so tired and not at all useful for breeding, she wasn’t wanted and subsequently was rescued by the Finding Shelter Animal Rescue in October 2017.

Victoria now has to rely on a harness and wheels, the disease will sadly kill her eventually, her back legs are paralyzed already…

There are some amazing people that do actually care for these dogs in need of such love, like Grace and her husband Steve Herbert, they are so determined to make the most of the rest of her time.

The couple decided to create a bucket list for her, with lots of fun and amazing things to do for the old girl, to create some happy memories and love for her, as much as they can.

Victoria loved to be a police K-9 for the day, and she had the lead in a parade with the local fire department too, then had some amazing times at the beach.

Grace said:

“Terminally ill dogs like Victoria are worth saving. They still have life left in them. …She is a wonderful dog. She is so loyal and friendly, and she has a lot of love to give.”

‘If we’re lucky, she’ll last until the end of the year. Everyday is a gift with her. ‘I said to my husband, “Imagine all of the things she could have done in the past ten years if she had have been a dog that was free.”

“She’s stronger and happier than ever before. It’s about turning something negative into a positive.’ Since starting the bucket list, Victoria has helped DJ at a local radio station for a day …The DJ played a game where he put cookies over the names of each song”

“Whichever cookie Victoria ate first, that was the song that was chosen to play.”

Her condition is in a fast decline so Victoria isn’t able to complete strenuous tasks at all, but she is loving taking part in a study with Cornell University into the effects of degenerative myelopathy in dogs, it will really help better treat the condition for other dogs too.

Grace added:

“Victoria is one of the key dogs in the study.”

“Because of the bucket list, her very broken body is giving back.”

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