Elderly Chihuahua Found In The Trash, She Still Has Life Left In Her!

Most of us adore dogs, in fact, little dogs are even more adorable, so innocent like all animals, these smaller dogs are so much more fragile and incapable of defending themselves. Well this little senior Chihuahua really has every quality to need a loving safe home, given the very best of care, instead, she is abandoned in 45-degree weather!

Maxine, this sweet little doggie was hardly even moving when she was rescued, the state she was left in was despicable. Thankfully she is now taken care of by the dedicated team of ‘ Trio Animal Foundation’ and regaining her strength, she is 18 years old now but still a fighter.

The Chicago Police Department alerted the rescue center about her, she was ‘a dog in a garbage can’ how awful, the poor little thing… she was so thin and lifeless, hardly any fur left on her body. It was the fact that she was, found and rushed to the emergency vet that saved her from dying.

Maxine was taken in by the rescuers after the team received a call from the Chicago Police.

We are very pleased indeed that Maxine survived, even though the recovery is slow and she is pretty much eating and sleeping, she is slowly getting stronger and stronger.

To help her recovery and her strength up she has several meals a day and she is kept wrapped up very warm with a thick fleece until she can gain enough weight to sustain her own body temperature.

Slowly but surely she is getting stronger and healthier, softening to the touch of her carers, the care teal at the rescue center are really doing a fine job of caring for her, not just physically but mentally too!

A little worryingly Maxine developed sores all over her skin, maybe because of a second skin infection that had taken hold, she will be thoroughly checked by the vet and treated.

There is absolutely more time left in this little doggie and she deserves to have the chance to live her remaining time both happy and with love and care, she just needs a safe and loving environment and someone to show her how special she is!

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