Dying Dog Covered In Thousands Ticks Met Her Rescue Angel And The Result Is Remarkable!

Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing helpless creatures suffer because of humans and no one rescue them!

Every day we hear stories about dogs who are abandoned, abused, thrown like a trash on streets and left to face their death alone, no one try to rescue them!

This is unfair and no one can see this and just turn their back as nothing is happening, that’s why we are sharing with you these rescue stories to focus on the inhumanity of humans towards man best friend!

Today’s rescue story seems to be not unique one, it’s about Blossom! The almost dead dog who rescued just in time, let say her tail was already dead from embedded wire tied to it since she was a lot younger.

Blossom was found in an urban area by one of the volunteers from Orphan Pet Greece. She had been wandering the streets for weeks, with many people just ignoring and neglecting the poor state she was in.

Nobody stepped in and took the first step to rescue this poor dog until she met some angels, volunteers from Orphan Pet Greece, those volunteers who didn’t think twice before taking her to do all the possible and impossible to save her and put an end to her pain.

Her body was covered in thousands of ticks; the ticks had sucked all the energy out of her and her blood was extremely thin. Her blood was so thin that she wouldn’t have lived more than a few more days. Not to mention she had wire embedded in her tail that forced the vet to remove her tail completely.

It took about a week to remove all the dead ticks from her body.

She also received a blood transfusion. Her first night was extremely scary as the doctors weren’t sure she would make it through. They named her Blossom and promised her that she would never have to suffer again.

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After her miraculous recovery and transformation; Blossom now is enjoying her life without any kind of pain with her loving family in a forever home!

This is what called The Power Of Love And Care!

Watch how Blossom has transformed (warning this may contain some graphic content). Don’t hesitate to SHARE it with your friends.

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